Having twins!

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October 6, 2006 10:40pm CST
Anyone have any comments or ideas on how to manage. I stay at home with them which I think is great but I need my sanity!
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7 Mar 07
My best advice is to be active. You (and they) will go stir crazy if you stay home all the time. Many first time mothers of multiples make the mistake of staying home all the time because they are afraid. Yes, it is hard to pack everything up (diaper bag, babies, bottles, food, stroller, etc) but it is worth it to take them to do fun things. Even as infants, a trip to the mall is exciting (all those pretty lights to look at) or even a walk through a park. And you need to get out by yourself, too. I highly recommend joining a mothers of multiples club. You can go to the National Organizaion of Mothers of Twins Clubs website at http://www.nomotc.org and look up local clubs where you live. This will provide you with support from other moms, social activities, and more. I joined one while I was still pregnant with my twins (who are now 3) and I am now the President of our club. If you have any more specific questions about how to manage in certain situations, post it here and I'll be happy to respond.
@Aali311 (6127)
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17 Oct 06
You need time to yourself at least on a weekly basis, have your husband or friend or family member watch them for a few hours so you can get out, take a walk, do something relaxing for yourself, hangout with a friend. I know what it's like I have two boys, they are 1 and 2 and a 9 yr old stepson, it gets tough.