What you'll do in this?

@mariam74 (555)
January 22, 2007 6:02am CST
My mom is very sad this days because my dad knows another women who is our neighbour she is fighting all the day with him and she wants me to search his mobile while he is sleeping to get her this woman's number and I don't know what to? I know that my mom will not stop until she finds a solution to this story so if you have any dicisions it will help thanks.
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@vdhill (65)
• United States
22 Jan 07
Your mother should handle this situation herself, rather than bring you into it. If she thinks her husband is cheating, she should talk directly to him. Calling the woman won't solve the problem of him cheating--if he, in fact, is. If she wants this information, let your mother do her own dirty work. Also, let her know that if she calls this woman, without proof of anything, she will quite possibly make a fool of herself. You know your father better than most people do; is he dumb enough to cheat with a neighbor? You're mother sounds like she's a very controlling woman. She needs to calm down.
@ilyasjan (803)
• Pakistan
22 Jan 07
she will some other aim to get number. you dont do any to give him. but also tell your mom.
• United States
22 Jan 07
Get the number to this other woman for your mom. She has a right to know what's going on with this situation.
@fady83 (617)
• Egypt
22 Jan 07
i think ur mom should go on and do not think of ur father
• United Arab Emirates
22 Jan 07
Dear mariam, If she get that no what she can do with this.Nothing, only she can call her and it will may be a make big problem.So just tell mom to forget it and try to controll herself.