Do you have over-protective parents?

January 22, 2007 6:04am CST
there's this friend of mind whose parents are way..way..way..way too over-protective. they won't allow her to attend any of her friends' parties; they always drive her to school and fetch her after dismissal; they don't allow any boy to come and visit her; they don't allow her to go shopping without a guardian; and so on.. she's sick of her life and want to run away! last month, she asked me if she could stay with me but i had refused, not wanting to get in trouble with her parents and mine. she's really tired of her parents always dictating her... how can she even grow into a better person if she's not exposed to socializing? any advice?
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@patrice7 (1192)
• United States
22 Jan 07
whew. im glad my parents arent like that. is your friend rich or whaT?. i think that most rich people do that. anyway i think it has a negative effect for your friend as it is quite apparent that her parents dont trust her enough to let her live her own life. i guess you should tell your friend to talke to her parents and tell them up front that she is tired of them being practically everywhere she is. i agree that she cant become a better person if she is always protected and shielded in life. i think that this will make her rebellious. how can she become independent if her parents always dictates and controls her life?. i mean she is actually like a prisoner having no freedom at all. i cannot say or offer anymore suggestions as i think that the best way for her is to talk to her parents and tell them how she really feels about it and how she thinks this "over-protectiveness" may affect her life in the future..