Main Organs of the UNO(The United Nations Organisation)

@angnima (772)
January 22, 2007 6:24am CST
There are six main organs of the UNO. 1.General Assembly 2.Security Council 3.Trusteeship Council 4.International Court of Justice 5.Secretariat 6.Economic and Social Council The meeting of the General Assembly is held every year. The problems of the world are discussed to find the solutions. All the member countries participate in this meeting. The Security Council tries to establish peace and security in the world. The Secretary General is the head of the secretariat. He is the most distinguished person in the UNO.It implements the programmes passed by the General Assembly. The Trusteeship Council looks after the colonies which were freed after the world wars.The International Court of Justice settles disputes between the countries.The economic and Social Council helps the developing countries for socio-economic development.There are some specialized agencies under this organ working world-wide. They are: FAO,ILO,UNESCO,UNICEF,WHO
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25 Jan 07
Thank you for sharing that. I never knew of that before. That is surely something else.