Have you ever had a bad experience with a landlord

January 22, 2007 7:15am CST
One apartment I moved into, was a 2 bedroom plus a huge loft, so it was basically a 3 bedroom. I moved in with my husband, and then infant daughter, and 1 friend. The place was pretty nice, not amazing but not a dump, and as we were moving in the landlord made a ton of promises, including 1 being that a fire escape was being installed by the end of the week that we moved in!! So we moved in, painted a few rooms, made it cozy, and a week went by with out hearing from the landlord. We called and called and called and finally after 4 days he called back and said he'd get it done the upcoming week. mmhm... we lived there 7 months and he never installed it! Thats ILLEGAL! We lived on the 2nd floor with no 2nd exit!! He told us to climb out on the 1st floors roof and hop down if there was no way out!! Other things were, the people downstairs from us stole cable from us 5 times!! 5!!! We complained to the landlord and he said "how do you know they're stealing cable?" ummm because you could see cables connecting from our cable outlet outside the house to their basement!! We called the cable company several times, and they came and cut them off each time, including putting a lock on the outside outlet!! But they still found a way!!!!! The landlord did nothing! Then we had 2 leaks he took over a weak to respond to it! And he'd just come over with out announcing he was coming over, and he would knock once and before you could say "come in or hold on" he was already up the stairs!! Several times I was just in my night gown!!!!! ohmy.gif The last straw for us was when we had a weird bug infestation. It wasn't roaches, but it was some form of a long thing bug, invading the cabinets and bathroom. We called and complained and demaded an exterminator come ASAP and he said to us "Well it's because the trash isn't taken outside and placed in trash cans immidetly" Excuse me??? We are VERY clean and the trash is taken out once the can is full!! So he DID NOTHING about it for 2 months, at that point we looked for apartments, found one and moved out with out even telling our SCUM-LORD, one day he came to collect rent that was late, and the place was empty, and we left a very NASTY note to him, telling him if he even DARED to call and bother us at we would bring him to court. We had a good case too, the no fire escape thing is enough to get him in deep trouble, nevermind the other negelectful things!!! He did call my husband at work like 12 times until my husband threatened legal action, then he dropped it! and get this!! A few months after we moved out, some other family moved in, and there was a HUGE fire starting on the 2nd floor. Luckily no one was home when it happened, but it was on the news.. how freaking scary????? So have you ever had any issues with a SCUM LORD?
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@Samanthavv (1386)
• United States
10 Jul 08
Wow, that's really terrible! I'm sorry that you had such a poor experience with your landlord! Not all land lords are scum, so I certainly hope you don't believe they are all alike! I hope your next rental experience is much better!
@babyhar (1338)
• Canada
22 Feb 07
Well, I can safely say that both me and my other half have had some terrible experiences when we were dealing with this one landlord and his manager for an apartment building we were living in. This man was a terrible landlord and I would tend to classify him more as a slumlord than anything because of the way he treated the building and it's tenants in general. I remember countless times we would call the manager that was supposed to direct any repair requests to the landlord. Well, we had a few things that needed to be fixed in our apartment so I asked my other half to go report them to the manager. He went and talked to the manager about our concerns and she reassured him she would get in contact with the landlord and that he would be there in a couple of days to take a look at the problems. We waited for almost a week before we got really frustrated with what was going on. My other half called the landlord directly and explained to him the situation. The landlord denied that the manager had told him anything and that he would be there the next morning to make the repairs. We told him that we would like it if we setup a time that he comes by and does the repairs as opposed to him just showing up whenever he wanted. We had found out by previously calling the landlord and tenants office that it is illegal for a landlord to enter your dwelling without 48 hours notice. He did finally come by and make the repairs but it was not without it's hassles when they were there. They really nerved me up while I was trying to keep my eyes on what they were doing. I did not want them repairing more things than we had asked them to. Also I didn't trust them to be in our apartment with our stuff without one of us there. I just don't trust people in general and I didn't need to come home and find things missing when I knew who was there previously. These incidents coupled with repeatedly asking the manager to do something about the people around us making too much noise were really making it tough to enjoy living there. I mean we loved having our own place but some of this stuff just wasn't worth what we've been going through. There were times where the neighbors who were living above us were really testing our patience. We'd try to go to bed at a half decent time but sooner or later the idiots upstairs had to blare their tv or their stereo. Or they'd be up at 3 - 4 a.m. & they would literally be throwing things on the floor.. You'd wake up startled because of the crashing sometimes.. It was honestly getting to the point where we were going through this same problem on a day to day basis. What didn't help I must add was we kept getting shut down every time we complained about the noise. We called the cops even a few times and the first time they tried to help. The second time though we were approached by the cops more like the troublemakers than the victims. This really made us mad because we were not used to people telling us we have to move out because we were the ones that were making the problems a bigger one. It got to the point where I had turning in to a nervous wreck from being so stressed out & not being a good nights rest.. We even had to move because it was beginning to take its toll on my health. And my other half began to get very concerned so we had to find somewhere better, with less noise. In conclusion, we had a really terrible time living in our apartment mainly due to the landlords. If we had some better landlords in that building then we might have actually stayed there as opposed to leaving and looking for another place. I find that had they actually listened to our problems and fixed what needed to be repaired in a half decent amount of time they would have had some happier tenants on their hands. I am so very sorry to hear that you are going through a bad experience with your landlord. I find there are to many landlords these days that shouldn't be in the position they we're handed. They shouldn't be apart of management if they aren't willing to listen to there tenants needs. Especially when it comes to something that needs to be fixed. And I think it's quite sad if they start to try to avoid installing something that may save your life. Or something that may start or be leaking that could cause problems for someone's living situation. I know how you feel though. And I hope things get better. We had to actually move from our apartment because we just couldn't handle all of the things that we we're being put through. I hope you don't have to do the same thing but you may have to make that decision to be more happy when it comes to your living situation! . . I wish you all the best of luck with everything! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
@sylviekitty (2083)
• United States
20 Feb 07
Not that this excuses any of his behavior, but did you sign a lease BEFORE he told you about putting in a fire escape? You said as you were moving in, he told you he planned to put one in. The apartments I managed were in a 3-story building. All the units (except for the studios) had either a patio or a balcony, but no fire escapes. In fact, the building behind us (which was a much higher building) did not have a fire escape that I ever noticed, either.
18 Feb 07
Yes,one landlord refused to fix our hot water heater so we had no hot water at all.I called PG&E to come out and light the pilot because it blew out and they shut it off because it was leaking gas.He had to replace it with a new one and was not very happy about it.So then he claimed we told him upon moving in that we use an excessive amount of water and that we should have to pay extra for our water bill because of it.Before moving out we recieved a bill from him for $3,500 for excessive water ussage and dammages to the place that had nothing to do with us.I went to the City and got a printout of the water bill for the place for the past year and it was actually below the normal limit.Most bills run around $35.00 a month and ours was averaging $25.00 to $30.00 a month.I also proved that the dammages he was charging us for had nothing to do with us and that maintaining his property is his responsibility not ours.In the end after battling it out we received a $250.00 refund on our deposit.Oh and by the way,he raised the rent on us before we even moved in $50.00 more a month.Our last landlord who seemed like a really nice person (boy were we wrong about that) was probably the worst one yet to come.When we first moved in there were throw rugs allover the bathroom floor and 3 days later I picked them up to mop the floor and saw that the floor was badly rotted.No tiles just rotted wood.So I called him and told him about it and he said he would come out and have a look at it.7 months later after bugging him several times a month about it he comes out and upon seeing it became very angry and even started cussing in front of our 4 year old son.Said that was a brand new floor before we moved in and cannot beleive what has happened to it since we lived there.To make a long story short he had it fixed 5 months later by someone who didn't speak any english and the guy did a terrible job at setting the tiles because some of them came off.Our landlord then claimed that the whole place was newly remodled before we moved in,new paint,carpet,appliances etc.Which isn't true.He even had old furniture in our yard with a huge pile of rocks and sand he refused to get rid of.We gave him a 30 days notice after he called and yelled at me on the phone for destroying his property,we gave him a thirty days notice and paid our last months rent and left the place in very clean condition.This man even came over one day and yelled at me to go out and get a job.I'm a stay at home mom,my husband works and supports us with no problem and our rent was never late.I don't know how it's going to turn out with him,I think he has a personal problem with us due to religious beliefs.We are Christian and he is Muslim.He has till the 7th of March to return our deposit to us of which he may decide to keep and send us a bill instead.Here in the Bay Area California it is quit common for landlords to harrass and take advantage of tennants.We have the worse of the bunch here.So tennants have to really be on their toes to protect themselves against these vultures.
@edigital (2710)
• United States
18 Feb 07
I am a landlord and giving rent since 1993 of my own flat and since 1989 of my brother-in-law flats. My tenant generally do not leave us until they have other problems as we always take care about their facilities, maintain very closed friendly relations, love their members. So they do not move from us if some small problem they feel. We solve all problem with mutual discussions. I think before taking rental you aught to see the condition of flat and its sarrounding and make a written deed on non-judicial stamps then no problem would arise.