a pedigree puppy or a tramp one?

@anyutza (138)
January 22, 2007 7:17am CST
For those who wanna take a pet i have an obscure point:why everyone is searching for a puppy with pedigree from the best kennels?why it`s all same to us if we see tramp puppy on the street.doesn`t they deserve a better life?why don`t we give them a chance ?for example,when i look for a puppy i searched over the internet the best kennels,the genealogical tree of the puppy breed.it it said that this way you can buy a healthy puppy,and you will be prevent by the eventual diseases.anyway,one day i was searching on a forum for a puppy,and i`ve seen an anouncement with a little fluffy puppy give for adoption.it was far away from my home,i need to travel a day to bring him home,but it`s worth all the sacrifices.now ,ricky is a part of our family ,everyone loves him,is an inteligent puppy,energic who give us all it`s love.it`s not a pure breed..it`s a kind of bichon..(maybe that`s the reason for it`s masters abandon him)but it`s a healthy puppy,and i love him verry much.I said that in order to read this and think about the possibility to adopt a tramp dog..it will fill u with love and energy and i guess you won`t regret it.does anyone agree with me?
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