infomercials: are they for real?

@pagli84 (1850)
January 22, 2007 7:38am CST
do the products you see on infomercials/commercials really work? sometimes i feel like they dont work, so they have to coerce millions of people into buying their products. ive bought a few things off tv, and none of them have really worked that well. i used proactiv for a while but my skin was never bad until recently. i stopped it for a few months then started again, and it made my skin absolutely horrible. not only that, but it dried my skin out to the point that it was burning. my aunt bought one of those sauna belt things that is supposed to melt the fat off but that doesnt work either. it just temporarily lowers the water weight. from what ive found, its the hidden, secret products that dont get advertized as much that really work!
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