who here cannot spend a day without music??also tell the music genre u like...

January 22, 2007 7:55am CST
i personally cant spend a day without music...i like all kinds of music...slow soft heavy fast sad...everything
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22 Jan 07
hi metalfreak. i am addicted to music and don't think there has been a day gone by where i don't listen to a cd or the radio. i feel i work better as well when i have music on in the background as it can relax you. i also like various kinds of music depending on my mood really.
@ownado (1680)
• Portugal
22 Jan 07
I sure can't. When I'm in front of the computer I'm always listening to music... the genres I like most are dance/house,metal, rap/hip-hop and a little of pop too.
@benks420 (215)
• Canada
22 Jan 07
Music is something I can not go a day without. Its relaxing (no matter how much double kick and screaming it has) and it also relieves your mind from any troubles you have. It can also help you think of these troubles and put you in a relaxed state of mind so you can come to a clear decision. I prefer listning to Metal, as I can see you do to.
@Eisenherz (2911)
• Portugal
22 Jan 07
I also cannot spend a day withouth music, or well, I can but it won't be never as near as good as to those where I can listen to my music and give freedom to my thoughts. My favourite genre is metal, the most different kinds, but specially industrial metal. I'm a fan of other genres as well though, only stuff I can't really stand is rap and hip-hop.