January 22, 2007 8:12am CST
is it possible to eradicate terrrorism completely from our planet?
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@parvezjs (422)
• India
24 Oct 08
How I wish this could be done. It is not impossible, however we all should understand that terrorism is not a solution to any question. Moreover I think we should try to understand that why these people chose this path. I believe no human is so harsh that he can go and kill 100s 1000s of people whom he dosent know. There should be a reason to it. and as these people say the reason is religion, I strongly oppose it no religion on this planet teaches to kill innocent people. Most of them are from Islamic countries and they say its the Islam which is suffering and that is why they are taking revenge. However, being a follower of Islam myself. Islam dosent teach to kill innocent people. This is not a war of religion this is a war of power. So I think these people should know that they are not fighting for any religion, they are being used by few others who only needs power.
• Germany
22 Jan 07
I dont believe so. The root of terrorism is the fact that we are having double standards.
@zal3x89 (280)
• Romania
22 Jan 07
i dont think its possible because there will alleays be a crazy man from a third worlsd country who wants revenge on america for something that america hasnt done. and when he gets acces to explosives or something like that americans will get hurt at least thats my opinion Peace