Those who prostate before the god are fools...

@cuteboy (170)
October 7, 2006 12:18am CST
yes.... Had any god has said that pray me....? Had any god has claimed that i remove ur sins..if u believe me... It is we had manipulated the teachings of the masters and made a havoc on the real essence of their teachings... Does any father makes a thought that his son always be depend on him for his sustainence of life...And he always be a slave for him.. No never.. He intends that he must make his own food and grown up...and reach the highest position.. So is the God.... He shows the path for us... He never claims i will carry u on my shoulders to the salvation..and removes ur problems... He never claims do all the sins and pray me i will clear ur sins... HE makes a wish u to be like him... attain the godmanship,creativehood.... He wishes us to exercise ur creativity and create new paths... That's the reality.... So be it..
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