Having English as mother tongue? which feeling?

@canioo (140)
January 22, 2007 9:46am CST
I often think how do people who have English as their mother tongue feel about that! Have you who are from USA or Great Britain ever thought of how "lucky" you are? you don't need to spend many hours or years to learn the language of the world, English, as we who are from other countries do. And I would like to ask you if you feel any need to learn other languages like Spanish, German or French? It is easy to understand you if you don't feel this need when you know the language that the whole world speak. so how do you feel? and have you ever thought about that? NB: I rewrite my former discussion (it was my first one), there I wrote tags without commas, so it was something wrong with the tags. they was like in a sentence, for that reason I am rewriting my discussion
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