uk the biggest racist country in the world

United States
January 22, 2007 10:25am CST
i am a asian,living here for 2 years. i am very shocked to know that a advance country like london have racism very badly. there are racism betweem black and white,asians and white,asains and many places black & white people harrasing asains,smugging is happening very frequently.why the uk govt and the people not worried abt this?why there is no revolution for this?can any one answer this? I have been usa in 3 yrs before been to Uk never had such a racist behavious as of what now going in UK ? United nations shuld do something about it like banning the UK from most of diplomatic and social structures..
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@Spid4r (177)
• India
23 Jan 07
I have a buddy from the U.K and he tells me Racism is worse in the U.K than in the any other country and that people are more up front and blatant about it there and hate groups are all over , That's what he tells me I find it hard to believe but he says it is true ..
• United States
23 Jan 07
May be hard to believe but its true as god .
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
22 Jan 07
Why are British people racists? I have been to UK quite some time ago but I do have contact with British friends. Europeans are facing job threat by Asians and other people from Eastern countries who are working for less pay. This means more unemployment and frustrations for British and other Europeans. That's why British people do not view Asian people in good light. For example the textile industry in Italy is being ruined by Asian illegal textiel factories who employ Chinese and other Asian people for a few bucks. Most of these people are being imported in Europe illegaly, working for long hours. They are being taken advantage of and their working rights are not respected.
• United States
23 Jan 07
I know that there is little point in attempting to reason with an imbecile, but here's a thought for you to chew: if everyone went back to where they came from, the population of Britain would be reduced to... nil. How many pure Anglo-Saxons do you think are left in the UK? Oh, that's right - NONE. Plus, even the Anglo-Saxons weren't 100% British: Saxony is Germany!
29 Jan 07
racism aint such a problem in the uk racism is bad in alot of place the thing that makes racism such a big deal in the uk is that we have so many different ethenic groups living in the country. i think what makes it worse is that we the uk have the worse immagration problem in the world what makes for more racism i think.
@Serjas (2328)
• India
28 Jan 07
there are racism among white people...nowadays! and latest example is "shilpa shetty case" in "big brother reality show.a britsh actor harass her with th name of racism and it shows that white people still love to harras people from country like india,africa an indian i strongly protest those things.we dont have to allow that!and why they want to do this... i dont blame all white people..i know there are good people also
@snowflake5 (1579)
• United States
27 Jan 07
Racism waxes and wanes in the UK. It was very low in the 1990's (because we had high unemployment so nobody emigrated to Britain at that time, - but this was good for ethnic people already in Britain as they were being accepted and integrated). However, since about 2000, thousands of people have been trying to get into Britain, as it is now the one economy in the world unaffected by recessions, and in 2004 when the eastern europeans joined the EU, there was a flood of people here. People always feel threatened when there is a large movement of people. Add to that the bombing on 7/7 and the attempted bombing on 21/7/05 and people feel jittery. Some of the 21/7 bombers were asylum seekers - we gave them asylum in the early 1990's and they repaid our hospitality by trying to kill people - so understandably, people are angry. I would advise people outside Britain not to come here at the moment. Stay in your own countries and work to build your homeland into a strong state. And once the pressure of new people coming in stops, things will improve for the ethnic minorities who are already here.