money motivate people, makes friends.......................

@niitesh (1656)
January 22, 2007 10:39am CST
discuss few other things which money can do or cannot do.will be rating all the posts and mark the best response today itself
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@pmcdee (272)
22 Jan 07
Not sure i entirely understand the question but if you are referring to what money can achieve and what it cant then in that case im of the opinion that money can help with happiness but it is not the source of happiness. For example, if you had enough money to get anything you wanted then it would make you happy because you wouldnt need to worry about money ever again but you would also lose the value of money and quite possibly a lot of your friends as your new hobbies would not necessarily coincide with theirs. Money Management is important in my opinion. You have to know how to best handle your money or it will get out of control and you wont know whats going on. A sound investment plan maybe or investment in property would be a way of keeping that wealth for future use as well as for the present.