Anyone around here plays Warhammer 40k ?

January 22, 2007 2:02pm CST
One of my hobbies is playing table top games in the weekend with some of my friends... We nicely enjoy some good Warhammer 40000, its a nice and cool game based on the future vision of games-workshop :) And its all about dices and tactics...for anyone interested do a search on google for "warhammer 40000" or try the official games-workshop page "" I can assure its a nice and fun game to other fun part of the game is painting your miniatures in the colour scheme you like :D
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• Iceland
12 Nov 10
I play Blood Angels with an army ranging from 1500-3000 points using 5th edition rules
@Arkadus (899)
• Canada
24 Sep 10
I've played one match, but I'm soon going to be buying a set or two, even if the only people I'll be able to play with, probably, are ones I bully into playing with me. :p
• United States
26 Sep 07
I love Warhammer 40,000! It's my favorite tabletop game. I play as the mighty Necron race. I enjoy a few games on the weekends with my friends, like yourself. We all bring TV's, snacks, beverages, etc. and have a good time.
@thor78 (45)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
I play 40k using a 2500+ point blood angel army. I usually play against with my brother's army using 2nd edition rules! I'm planning on buying a 4th edition rulebook and maybe start an imperial guard army.
• Canada
3 Feb 07
I used to play Warhammer 40k, and thinking of getting back into it. I like the feel of the Tau (although not a huge fan of the anime like figures), but will most likely play a black templar or dark angel (waiting for the new codex) army. Or imperial guard, or tyranid. Or eldar. Pretty much anything actually.
@BobaFett (72)
• Sweden
1 Feb 07
I play Warhammer 40k with Necrons and Dark Eldar. But there arent alot of people here to play with. So what races do you play with and how many points do you have?