How many children...

children - No of children which are ideal for a  family
@kapriusa (135)
United States
January 22, 2007 2:36pm CST
How many children do you think are idle. 1 or 2 or more than that....Are we able to handle more children with lot of care and attention???
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@aneer72 (181)
• India
23 Jan 07
I think One child is idle. But many feel that two children is idle since one will have another as friend. However my argument is that then one tends to be more closed within the family and not go out of the family. On the other hand when one child is there both the parents and the child need to aquaint themselves with other families and help bring a relatioship among families also we tend to form extended families (uncles, aunts etc.)
@malsun (1528)
• United States
22 Jan 07
I think 2-3 children are ideal. More than that would be hard. Well my parents came from a big family. my moms side, they are 13 brothers and sisters! my gramma must have been at her wits end having her children running around (at some point, she even had her grandchildren visiting her for their vacations}