Do you love your job?

@marlaf (93)
January 22, 2007 3:11pm CST
i've been with the Call Center Industry for more than two years now. I've been with different accounts and campaigns. Sometimes, you would really not like the type of account that you'll be handling or the type of job that you have. But you know what? I just realized, it's up to you if you would really put your heart on what you are doing. it's up to you on how you will motivate yourself to go to work and tell yourself to have fun even though in reality, you're job at times sucks! come to think about it..when i did telemarketing, people i called really didnt want me disturbing them and when i did collections..oh hell! debtors really dont wanna talk to me.. but it's just my personality that adds up to make them want to talk to me..I always stay nice and offer them the benefits they can get if they will buy what im selling or if they get to pay their bills. It's all in your mind. Remember, what your mind conceives, the body will definitely achieve. Godbless!
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