October 7, 2006 1:57am CST
You fall in love with a friend of yours and you finally said it to her.she was a good friend.After saying about love to her,she is now behaving oddly.I missed my friend and love and miss her dearly.What should i do? I lost that friendship..any ways to redeem that
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• Australia
19 Oct 06
I think you have been given good advice so far. Contact your friend and say you didn't mean to scare her off but you cannot help how you feel. Tell her though if she doesn't feel the same way you would at least like to be friends with her. I understand what you mean, even though she doesn't love you back, you really miss her friendship.
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• India
29 Oct 06
I do miss her alot nowadays.
@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
19 Oct 06
Possibly she saw you as a good friend only and now feels embarrassed about the whole situation in that she does not return the feeling you have for her. It is possible to restore the friendship but never in the same way as it was before, as your friend is probably a little bit uncomfortable with the situation. Give it time but in the meantime tell her that you want to resume the friendship on a 'no strings attached' basis and you might recover some of what you previously had. Good luck. :)
@dixielol (1581)
• United States
16 Nov 06
How did she respond when you told her? A guy i had been best friends with forever told me that he was in love with me. Then he kept apologising for it. I kept tellin him that it was okay, nothing to be sorry over. But for along time he acted odd to. Like he wasn't comfortable around me anymore. That was over 2 years ago. Last month, we start talking again. I still have to assure him that there is nothing to be sorry about, you cant help how you fell. We are now friends again but weren't for over 2 years. She will probably get over it, but it may take awhile. When she does become a good friend again dont bring the issue up. Do not keep pushin it and asking why she don't like you that way. You will lose her forever over it. Another one of my friends done that. He just would not stop asking me to go out with him. We aren't friends now. So dont push her on it. The only thing you can do is give her space and if she is a true friend, she will be able to move past it. If not then at least you know you tried so you dont have to spend the rest of your life not knowing what she would have said.
@achilles7 (1277)
• India
3 Nov 06
Forget of the love affair.
• Hyderabad, India
29 Oct 06
u try to tell u felling if she accept u it k if not u try to friends for ever