I'm Thinking Of Writing An Ebook.....

United States
January 22, 2007 4:50pm CST
Hello MyLot, My name is Chris Morris and I have been an affiliate marketer for a while now and I'm starting to get more involved in main stream Internet Marketing and was thinking of writing my first ebook about affiliate marketing and internet marketing and wanted to know what are some of your newbie questions? I haven't seen any good books out there that really take someone from a newbie to a skilled marketer and I want to change that. I've bought all the courses and guru hype for years now and I'm quite fed up with all the hype and bs that they shovel at you 24/7. So what are your biggest newbie questions / mistakes that you've made? No question will go unanswered, don't be afraid to ask no matter how small you think it is. I want to get as much feedback as I can so this book will be as comprehensive and complete as possible, I thank you for participating! Sincerely, Chris Morris
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@bluewings (3857)
6 Mar 07
I think if you could include chapters for both newbis and advance levels ,then it would be helpful.Most of the e-books out there target the advance levels and have just one newbie chapter or claim it to be for beginners and fill up with what's common knowledge.I think something comprehensive,even if priced on the higher side ,will have a better market than basic information selling at $27.
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6 Mar 07
Absolutely, and the problem is marketers will only release what they want you to know and not exactly what they are doing exactly. I have bought so much crap online that I wanted to save those who are serious about learning about Internet Marketing the trouble of buying into the hype and instead make intelligent decisions. We all do it but if I created a book that saved you 90% of the BS out there than I will be happy. Thank you for the reply, I'm still working on getting things done on my end in prep for the book so I will definitely fill the book with beginner to advanced or A to B stuff not just assume everyone knows everything. Thanks Again!!! Chris
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@bluewings (3857)
7 Mar 07
You are welcome.So true,they don't reveal everything.I purchased an adwords book with the sales pitch saying it would show how to market products from some specific niches ,but in the book all it gave was 6 niches and a few keywords with no supporting marketing strategy.Good luck!
@OeyPerez (34)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
I don't have a question for now. But I have a little suggestion. If your ebook is done, would you be kind enough to provide a free mini-ebook that outlines or sumarizes your ebook? Don't underestimate the power of free gifts. Thanks Sincerely, Oey