How to Deal with an Epileptic Person?

January 22, 2007 7:21pm CST
I have a cousin who is epileptic. She suffers epileptic attacks when she feels extremes: overyjoy, oversadness, overexcitement, overdepressed, overjealous, etc. Her muscles tighten when epilepsy attacks her. She even presses her chest and bites her lips when it comes. I want to help her but how?
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• United States
23 Jan 07
When she has a seizure there is actually very little you can do except keep her comfortable and make sure she doesn't hurt herself. Is she on medication? Does she take her medication as perscribed? I have epilepsy and as long as I take my meds like I'm supposed to I'm fine. If you are really that concerned talk to her doctor and ask him what you should do. God bless and good luck.
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
Yes, she's on medication since she was, i guess, 3 years old. I just get a blocked mind whenever she gets attacked. The situation makes me nervous.