What are your favorite things about these games?

Xiahou Dun, awaiting the challenge... - My favorite character from Dynasty Warriors series. I own with him, and will never differ from him.
United States
January 22, 2007 9:54pm CST
For me, Dynasty/Samurai Warriors is what its all about on playstation. I have heard more people talk about this game than ANYTHING else. Warcraft being the widespread game it is, I personally spend quite some time playing, but I want to know how everyone else feels about these games. I.E. My favorite Character from Dynasty Warriors, is Xiahou Dun, and my favorite from Samurai Wariors is the famous ninja Hanzo Hattori. So stop in and discuss what you think? I can get into deep conversation about these things.
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• Poland
15 Mar 08
I alsow like these games but the best is Warriors Orochi becouse this game is mix of Samurai and Dynasty Warriors and there is 77 characters.