I wish Marjorie hadn't returned...and other questions.

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January 22, 2007 10:05pm CST
I really don't like twists like this. What is wrong with Brian and Adam? More Adam right now than Brian. They have both gotten on with their lives, then Marjorie shows back up and things get crazy! I mean, she's the one who left them, she should have stayed away...I know it's part of the story that she returned, but I personally don't like it. What do you think of the new "nanny", I think Nicole likes him, also do you think that Dave and Deena will get back together?
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11 Feb 07
I wasn't really happy about Marjorie coming back either. I was very happy that Adam stood up for himself and told her it would never work out. How she thought it would when she left him at the alter, I'll never know. I think they brought her back to put some more action and twists in the storyline. I think the new "nanny" is HOT!! Talk about another twist, huh? I think Nicole will keep this one on! Dave and Deena seem to be so good together, I think it will be just a matter of time and they'll get back together. Either that, or they're trying to show how it is for a divorced couple, which happens so frequently too. Personally, I LOVE this show!! :)
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@luckymom (51)
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24 Jan 07
I think that Dave and Deena will eventually get back together, just not yet. I think they want us to hope that they do and will drag it out. Oh, and I think that Nicole and the new nanny will get together. If marjorie does end up with anyone, I hope it's Brian.
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