How can we face the past relationship?

January 22, 2007 10:57pm CST
Many people said that past is past and some was saying that we must forget the past. Its so easy to tell but the truth was is not just easy to do, just like that! We cant face the future without solving our past relationship. How can we move on if we still keep the person in our heart? So maybe there's a different cases? In my case I try to focums my attention to something that will keep myself busy and much as I have time for going out with my friends, so the time I was with them I spent it most. And as far as i Know "Life must goes on" whatever bad experience we faced in our life.
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• Philippines
23 Jan 07
I guess you can't really scrap the past out of your life in an instant. I have a relationship too that haunts me for a long time and guilt was killing me. I was the guilty party FYI ^_^ it wasn't a bad experience at all but it is much of a regret if you'd ask me. I just wish I had the chance to fix it then maybe life for me would have been much better. She was an angel. As you said " Life must go on", and I did move on by accepting and forgiving myself for whatever hurt I have done to her. May it be worse or good experience of the past, it is part of our lives, it is what makes us as a person.