What's the most Embarrassing thing that your Child or Grandchild has done?

@catherIN (430)
United States
January 22, 2007 11:13pm CST
My oldest grandson, who is now 6, pulled a real embarrassing stunt.This boy is a real handful! His mom took him with her to rent a video.He was 2 at the time. While she was reading a video box, he reached up and pulled the fire alarm. Well that wasn't enough for this little stinker.He heard all the noise and saw people reacting, so he starts running from his mom, through the store laughing and yelling. The lady at the video store politely said " Please remove your son from the store and please don't bring him back." Banned from a video store at 2 years of age.Not to mention how embarrassed my daughter was trying to go in there after that. Now, here's one about his mom... When my oldest daughter was 1-2 years old, she had a thing about playing with buttons.One day I was talking to a group of friends and holding my daughter on my hip.I knew that she was tugging on the buttons on my shirt, but she did it all of the time. It had never been a problem. I noticed that one of my friends just froze and looked startled.Then the rest of them busted out laughing. It took me a minute to figure out what was so funny.Yes, my daughter figured out on that day, at that moment how to unbutton buttons.Evidentally she was a quick learner because she had undone 3 rather quickly.After that, I wore t-shirts until she out grew her button playing stage!
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@sororravn (449)
• United States
9 Apr 07
HA HA! My oldest did the same thing to me except the shirt that I was wearing was one that zipped up the front. I was pregnant with my youngest and we were out seeing some friends. All of a sudden I noticed that they were staring at my chest more so than they do normally. I look down and she had unzipped my shirt almost all the way down! I handed her off to my husband and zipped my shirt back up. One of them then said, "Hey, wait a minute. We were really enjoying the view!"
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@aretha (2538)
• United States
4 Apr 07
lol! ok i can't say mine have done anything like pull a fire alarm. i was in kmart with my cusion and we had my two oldest kids wgen someone walked by and their phone was ringing this annoying ring and they would not answer it. my oldest specks up and says boy i wish she would answer her phone that is bugging me. he was 4 at the time and every one heard him. i was so embarrassed! he was walking behind me with my cusion so i just kept walking and the lady gave my cusion this nasty look like he was hers so she was embassassed more so than i was. my youngest two haven't done anything to me yet so lets hope they don't.lol
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