Married but attracted to someone-is that natural?

@guia10 (139)
January 22, 2007 11:40pm CST
Actually,I just want to get some opinion.I'm on my late 20's,my husband is working overseas,I have 3 kids and I'm working in a call center right now.It's just that I seem to be attracted to one of our supervisors on the floor.Why?Because his features are similiar to my husband's.Sometimes I would like to approach him and talk to him,but I control myself and think I'd rather not...One time,he sat beside me while one of our program trainors was discussing something and I felt butterflies on my stomach.I just acted civil.I didn't even smile at him.Is that okay?Is that natural?Don't get me wrong,I love my husband to death..I just feel attracted to this guy.What do you think should I do?
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• India
23 Jan 07
I guess this is quite natural.. becos your husband lives far away and you don't get to see him everyday and the person you see everyday in office you like somethings in him and the mind starts reacting .
@xiongqh (792)
• Hong Kong
23 Jan 07
I don't think you will abuse yourself for that. I guess you must have a long time serpate with your husband, women always want to get love, but now there no people to love you,( of cause your husband love you, but the distance make it impossible.? As you describe, he just like your husband, it make you feel good with him, you must not love him. So let happen naturelly, don't mind it, and take it easy.
• Canada
23 Jan 07
There is nothing wrong with that. Attraction can be with any person, not just one man. But you have yourself a bond where you cannot cheat on your husband. If you did not love him, then you would not be restraining yourself with all your might to your boss's looks. It is "natural". And when you're dealing professionally you don't have to not smile, and even then if you meet him out of the office, smiling does not prove that you are having a relationship with him.
• United States
23 Jan 07
Being attracted to someone is perfectly normal. How you react to it is what is important. If you really love your husband you won't give in. If your husband is overseas, that can be really tough. The stonger you are...the stonger your relationship will be. If you give in, the relationship will probably eventually fail.