HEROES- My new guess on what is going to happen

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January 22, 2007 11:57pm CST
Wow, what an episode tonight. Although I hated the wait, it was sooo worth it. Here is my new guess on what the outcome is going to be- Peter's brother is right in front of him when he starts the nuclear explosion. He will use his ability to fly and they will both go up into oblivion and explode in space, saving New York. What triggered this guess is that all of a sudden, Nathan has shown his love for his brother (the kiss on his cheek and saying "I love you, man" took me for a loop). This whole season nathan has been frusterated with Peter. Now he is showing a softer, more loving side of himself towards his brother. Any thoughts?
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23 Jan 07
lol i thought the same thing! but they still show the explosion being low enough to wipe out buildings... i know i haven't missed any episodes..but why has the Haitian and the cheerleader suddenly friendly?? another question...why would Hiro need a sword to be able to control his powers all of a sudden? no one else has this problem.
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24 Jan 07
I think I need to see the explosion again. I think the Haitian and Claire are friendly because he is supposed to keep an eye on her while HRG guy is off denying to the feds that Sylar is locked up in the paper factory. I wonder how much he will feel sorry for her since she is now (aside from the end where she has her friend video taping here all over again) a loner and he identifies with that. Will he end up helping her? Maybe he is the one who knows where her mom is and gets them in contact with eachother. Anyone noticed the inroduction of religious undertones on Monday? How much is God going to play in this or is it just a distraction? I wondered the same thing about Hiro- did his power run out of gas or something? lol. Seriously- did his power run low to get him to search for the sword as fate has it? Coincidentally, he is the one who knows the stories about the warrior who had it...no one else. The sword has an Excaliber feel to its purpose. I just loved it when he saw nathan at Isaac's- that was classic!
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26 Jan 07
I think it could be possible, after you mentioned it, that Hiro may be a direct descendant as well. Even though I am fifth generation Japanese American, stories (like the stories Hiro's dad told Hiro about the samurai)about our ancestors and who they are (embellished or not) are repeated over and over. HRG guy is just trying to do what he can to protect his daughter. It is amazing how good or evil, it is hard to pinpoint what some of the characters are. Maybe it is fascinating because IRL, we all have good and evil within ourselves as well. I liked seeing more dialogue with the haitian guy. I wonder how he and HRG came together. I wonder if HRG knew Mohinder's dad more than we think he did. And Micah (note Biblical name) has got to play an intricate part that not all of us are seeing yet- SO FAR, he is the only one who has parents that BOTH have heroic powers.