I,m trying really unbearably hard, but...

@jmintuck (114)
January 23, 2007 12:06am CST
I am really pinching pennies till they die, but I can,t seem to catch up on my debts too well. I have the phone bill paid up till the last bill.But I need to get my cell phone back to size and pay the drugstore $126.And I only get $340 so far.But rent and elecricity is already paid, so I dont see those. Then the domain service hit me with an extra 20.80, so that kind of messed it up a little. IF I dont pay that by the coming month, they,re going to add $200 more on it and send it to a colecshon agensy.I had enuff with colecshons before.I dont need a 5th or 6 th one or I might get sick. Then after all this, I have to have some to eat.I can get our local food bank and from another free food thing by here, though, so that cuts down a LOT on food. Computer payment and site payment together: $150 cell phone payment $90 Phone payment $ 40 Then I have to do something about paying the drug store soon. I think a solution will work itself out, eventually, but all these debts have to go down soon.
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