What will you do if your going to fall in love with your friend?

January 23, 2007 12:15am CST
I'm beggining to fall in love with my friend but he has a girlfriend already. What will I do?
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@grayxenon (1306)
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
this is not an easy situation as your friendship can be threaten by the new insurging feeling that you are beginning to develop,and the fact that she has already a girlfriend adds up to the headache or should i say hearthache.. you have to re-examine your self and make sure that it is truly something other than friendship, perhaps you are just infuatuated or admire some of the qualities your friend has, find time to be alone or at least make your self away from him for the mean time and weigh things. Then decide on if your willing to sacrifice your friendship. This is a big gamble, but either way you have to choose. Goodluck.
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• Philippines
23 Jan 07
Yeah right maybe I need soul searching. thanks a lot
@manmaxman (850)
• India
2 Feb 07
i will fall in love with her simple
@Deane_2005 (1644)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
I suggest that you assess your feelings for your friend first. If he has a girlfriend better still wait for the opportunity for him to lost her gf. Is his gf right for that guy?.It's really hard to be in such situation because he has a gf already and if you do something to make destroy there relationship is a bit out of hand already. But if you really feel that your love for him is true love then fight for him, anyway that girl is not yet his wife. But its much better if you can have that guy for a boyfriend you start out in a clean state right?, in that way you have no guilty conscience with you.