Imagine the chaos.

@MsTickle (24993)
January 23, 2007 12:45am CST
Think about this. All over the world the power goes out. How would you cope? People in the cities will be most affected I guess. I live in a rural area and am capable of being self suffiecient. Being rich won't help people either. Unless they have made some preparation. How would you cope?
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@AskAlly (3627)
• Canada
23 Jan 07
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I am glad that I am in the country as well and very well prepared for power outages. We are prepared because we have had to deal with it on a number of occasions. We have 2 large generators and our own fuel supply. Ihave 2 wood stoves in my house and a nice big wood shed. Since there is no such thing as a conveniece store, my pantry is always full. Flash lights, a wind 'em up radio, candles, lanterns, batteries, well water, etc are just normal things to have around. I rather enjoy a power outage.....after chores are done.
@MsTickle (24993)
• Australia
23 Jan 07
But your fuel will only last so long. You are certainly well prepared and I'm taking notes. I certainly hoped for more responses so we could be of help to each other before anything so catastrophic happens. Forewarned is forearmed.
• United States
23 Jan 07
it would be hard at certain times of the year ,but could be done because I am an outdoor person and love primitive camping cookig over camp fires and have always lived by a lake ,river or stream ... love fish and veggies and fruit and wild berries ...water would be the hardest for some people to get , Where I live now I would have many resorces handy ...
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