Devotional Music in the Mornings

January 23, 2007 5:05am CST
I love listening to devotional hymns early in the morning, but of course keeping the volume low, so as not to disturbe others. It has been a practice in India, that many resturants,shops, temples, etc play devotional music early in the mornings on loudspeakers. I find it generally annoying as I am not able to sleep for long after late nite work or even enjoy the music, I like. Is it right to trespass others privacy?
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• Philippines
26 May 07
i agree with you that whatever may it be that we decide on doing, and it can be done privately, then let us do it privately. we have to respect the situations and conditions of others. let us always bear in mind that not all of us are in the same perfect condition. there are some who work late at nights and needs the day for their rest, the sick ones will not desire hearing loud music nor announcements and mothers who have just put their children to sleep is cut from their relief if the babies awake again because of the way others use those loudspeakers wantonly.