Anti persperants and deoderants

@crabby1 (304)
January 23, 2007 5:06am CST
I can't understand why the manufactures of Antiperspirants and Deodorants use the perfumes they do. Most of them smell revolting. Imagine if they were to perfume their products with the fragrance of ripe mangoes or peaches wouldn't that be more acceptable. I've always enjoyed the smell of a freshly washed baby's hair.
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@shaggin (41060)
• United States
23 Nov 10
Well you can always wear womens deodorants if you prefer the fruity scent but people might smell it on you and find it odd lol. I love the smell of womens deodrants and many of the mens deodorants as well. Its important to wear a nice smelling deodorant to cover the scent of your sweat. Someone online wanted me to wear a shirt for them without wearing any deodorant for 24 hours so that is what I am doing. They like the smell of a womans under arms. I find it weird but hey we all have our thing right lol. I thought it would be horrible that by the middle of the day I would smell terrible but I do not smell much at all. There is just the faintest scent of underarms after cleaning and doing things all day. That would never be the case when I was in high school. I wore anti-perspirants constantly and would just sweat terribly. So I was pretty amazed so stay so clean smelling without anything on today. I want him to be happy with the shirt though so I am going to go clean some more and do some exercises and hope it helps my armpits sweat a little before I put the shirt in a ziplock bag and then jump in the shower and srub my armpits a long with the rest of me.