Have you experienced loving only beacuse you have to?

January 23, 2007 7:43am CST
I'am the eldest among the brood of three girls. The one who came next to me is just a year younger than I'am, and I must say she is so disrespectful towards me and to our parents. She talks foul even if we approach her nicely and decently. She gets personal things such as expensive makeups, sim cards and memory sticks and claim it as her own. Worse is when she gives it to her friends and boyfriend. I can't stand her anymore. There's no other way I could tolerate her brusque and ugly behavior. She talks and acts as if she's got no conduct. She changes boyfriends like there's no tomorrow. Recently she got 4000 pesos on our mom's bag. I'am not like that neither our youngest sister. She acts like a brat...really, as she often says it-- what she wants, she must get! She tried hurting herself before when our parents didn't gave in to her qualms. I hate her, but I love her even if I know she does not love me. She's my sister and I don't want to think that I love her only because she's my family, rather I want to feel it for her because she deserves it, because she's a good person. I want her to change but she's only the one who's got access for her own change. I'am really dissapointed with this, with her. What must I do? We share bedrooms by the way but she really isn't open to changes..she always want things her way. help!
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@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
Sounds like a little spoiled brat to me... How old is she? Behaviour like that usually subsides with age. The more mature she gets the better she will understand how to behave and be more responsible. As her older sister, you can guide her and become a role model she can follow. Oh well, easier said than done. Goodluck :)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
Yeah she's really a brat even up to this day. I'am turning 20 this year, ans she, my sister, would be 19. But despite all of these, I still care for her and I'am overly concerned because the bad attitude she has now could bring her into trouble and as a sister I want to protect her from that. I always try to do something to like guide her but she doesn't care. And besides, if she treats my mother as trash (she yells and curses our very own mother), she could do the same to me and more.