When I see faces, I get worried

January 23, 2007 7:49am CST
In the days of my youth, I liked reading Mark Twain, particularly his novel "Mysterious stranger". Since then, I started facing a psychological problem. I consulted qualified psychologists and psychiatrists, but could not get a cure. Problem: Whenever, I see somebody's face and way of standing(whether previously known to me or not) for a few minutes, in respect of some of them, I experience an intuitive fear that heshe may die within one year. In about 50% cases they died, in about 20% cases they suffered a serious illness and in the remaining cases they remain healthy. This shows that the fears are meaningless. Whenever somebody of the above 50% died, if I come to know of it, I get mentally worried. I feel that I am responsible for their death. To avoid unnecessary anxiety, I avoid seeing new people. How to solve this problem?
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