meeting your fiancees parents/relatives...what happened(funny,embarrasing,etc.)

January 23, 2007 8:52am CST
it was my first time last year to meet the family of my fiancee...and boy was i was a reunion!off all the person who interviewed me. and whom i expect to be the the ones to ask more questions..these two persons where the most stood above all.. eager(or shall i say over eager)her auncle was a marine captain,her other uncle was a navy special ops Lt. (talking about tactical interrogation hehehe)i was all sweat whew so many questions(and some warnings...again..talking bout psy-ops)!i never realize it would like that...lucky for me my girl interrupted and saved me from such a predicanment...and she was sweet enough to givew me a shirt to change my sweat soaked bout you...what was your most funniest moment,embarrasing moment or attention catching moment durig the meet the parents thing....peace!
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@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
23 Jan 07
very interesting discussion you started. I am putting my input regarding my hubby..when he first came to our house to meeting my family.... heheheh it was most hilarious day of my life. Actually my hubby saw me first time after engagement, our marriage was totally arranged we neevr each other before... adn this eevnt was our first meeting face to face. Well, after few hours conversed with my parentsa nd other family members his sisters asked my mother to bring me there so that we both might see each other aswell.. when i entered the room he wont looked at me.. but later he was so out of control that he dropped his wallet just right before my foot... then he was talking to my brother and was trying to give him soemthing he strangled his leg with coffee table and almost went to fell... all thos emoments me and my sisters were laughing with full volume.. and he was continuos embarress by his nervousness... up till now i tease my hubby by recalling those funny moments.. and he stopped me right there to not say a single word about that event... but i am naughty...will neevr forget that... ;-)
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• Philippines
23 Jan 07
hahaha thanks for sharing your experienc friend...your guy is lucky he never had a military interogation type of questioning(with matching real life soldiers around you) from your parents unlike was as if im a rebel spy squeezed with information.heheheh !peace(shalom)
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6 Feb 07
by the way,can i invite you as a friend if its ok with you?peace!