morrowind pc cheats

January 23, 2007 9:31am CST
dont use these if you want to stay fair in the game- dont give me any agro about cheats please. ok to open the cheat window hit the "`¬¦" next to the 1 key. these are just a few cheats many more can be found elsewhere online. these ones i find useful. TGM - to god mode on/off player-additem'*' -adds item for item code look in the construction set. * type item code here player-set*'no' - set level etc. *-health, magica, agility ..etc. no-level number COC 'city' - takes you to a certain city...e.g COC balmora fillmap -adds all marks on map if you need any further help im your girl!
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@kiwimac (324)
• New Zealand
24 Jan 07
I really, really enjoy Morrowind. I have the expansion with 'Tribunal' and 'Bloodmoon', what an excellent game. Now I just need to upgrade my computer so I can play Oblivion!
27 Jan 07
are bloodmoon and tribunal good?? ive just got plain old morrowind but its still great i went through a phase wen i kept making and downloading plugins but then i just went back to playing it, no addons. My friend just got the new oblivion and it sounds AMAZING!! i've not played it but im working on that......
• United States
5 Jun 09
Here is a semi-cheat that I have for morrowind. I have not seen it posted anywhere yet - and it can kinda hamper you in levling but still, put 1 weapon in your inventory (any one that you can physicaly equip) and then summon a bound weapon (preferably your favorite type). Now for the 60sec it is summoned flip between it and your other weapon quickly. (by quick select I think [ and ] by default, I just use my mouse wheel. When your done your skill in that weapon will drastically increase. It will be highlighted in white but will not ware off. You can do this over and over again. It is nice to have 1,895 as a rating for your dagger to hit. Now you will miss out on the points tword your level for this. Also annoyingly note that enemies will still block but you will not miss . . . . . . ever lol. I do not know if there is a way to get it to work for armor, but Iknow also that this cheat works on x-box too. As because that is where it was discovered
@drakan291 (817)
• Ireland
25 Mar 07
oh yes the best place on morrowind consal cammands is Coc"toddtest" it has every item in the game! and you can also put in tgm to make your charecter a god!