Only Child

United States
January 23, 2007 9:38am CST
Growing up I was an only child and now that I am out of the house and married my parents are more and more clingy. I was very responsible when I was younger and they let me do what I wanted as long as a had good grades. Now, that I am married I noticed they are going through that "empty nest" feeling. I got two dogs who they call grandchildren and spoil them horribly. I know my parents miss me being at home but now they are just trying to find every excuse to come over DAILY! They will randomly show up with dinner, but food and bones for the dogs and even buy us gifts and invite us to dinner on them. Now - my question is how do I get them to lay-off a little bit in a nice way? I appreciate all that they do but they even show up randomly on Friday nights when we have our friends over and they sleep over in our guest room!!! How do I tell them we need a little more space? and at the same time have them understand I appreciate them and still want to do those things but not as often?
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