My friend broke up with her another boyfriend

United States
January 23, 2007 10:31am CST
My friend never have a long lasting relationship, first she was in so much love with a person at high school who did not have the same feelings for her, she left following him. Then she got a handsome person in college,but after 2 years he ditched her. Then she met another person when she was working and everyhting was going well, even their parents got ready for the marriage. Her marriage date was also decided but then things started changing from the boys side, and when the boy was not supporting her, she called out her relationship and marriage. I feel very sorry for her, Now her younger sister is getting married. She is in India right now and I am in US, how should I comfort her and talk to her. I send her emails almost daily but sometimes I am confused what to write which will not hurt her. I didnt even liked the person she was going to marry. I am happy that she is not getting married to him but at the same time I feel very sorry that she is not getting good relationships in her life. What should I do? Can somebody gives some good suggestion.
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