tip for my members in mylot?

January 23, 2007 11:01am CST
this is tip for my members in mylot and i hope it is usefull in way so please follow otherwise tell what happened after that???????/ now start reading this Steamed up mirrors .. Well this is a common problem with many of us.. You take a shower and then.. u turn to the mirrior and what do u see .. well nuthing.. cuz its all steamed up from ur hot bath... No worries.. all u have to do is to apply sum shaving cream on a cloth and rub it on ur mirrior in the bathroom.. rub it all in till u can c it.. then next time.. u get out of ur hot bath.. u'll c ur self in that mirrior :) Note.. this needs to be done every month or other month.. depending how long the steam stays off.. ok :)
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• India
25 Jan 07
ya a good tip u r a good tipper