extra sensory perception

United States
January 23, 2007 11:30am CST
My parents passed away , Mom march 30,2002 and Dad Sept 26, 2004. Since then I have been " visited by them" several times. They are happy once again as they are together again. They were married for 531/2 yrs. My dad missed the "one true love" of his life and wanted to join her (as he told me). It is not only at night that I have seen them but also when I have gone to the mall and even once when we went to cut down a Christmas tree in N.H.. Christmas was thier favorite time of the year and when we went to N.H. we were joined by my parents as well as my Aunt who used to spend Christmas with us in N.H. My sisters and I watch the Ghost whisperer because we do believe that there is a life after this one and that there are people who CAN COMMUNICATE with them (the dead). It must be scary at first for them when they are learning how to use these skills but these people have helped so many people cope with losses snd get answers to thier questions. Lok at not only the Ghost Whisperer(based on a true psychic) but also Lisa Williams, Jonathan Edwards and the renowned Sylvia Brown. Awesome thst these people choose to help so many others learnto deal with the losses that they have suffered.
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• United States
1 Feb 07
I myself am a sensitive and it such a wonderful and blessed gift. I had it for years but I felt scared to really let it out. Now that I am older, I do readings and also go on paranormal investigations and read a location. I get names,images, and information. It amazes my group and hubby when I get names and then they are verified.
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
You are lucky for having been blessed with psychic abilities. Can you do distant readings? I have been visited by my late father on several occassions but I was too scared to get the message what he wants to convey across. I wish I will be able to tell him that I love him so much and misses him badly. I also would like to ask forgiveness for the problems I have caused.
@tikkuy (34)
• Australia
8 Jul 07
I'd love to think there was some sort of life after this one. I've never had a close relation cross over before, although several people I have talked to say that sometimes the memory of there loved one will guide them or help in a situation.
• United States
23 Jan 07
I do believe that there are people who are sensitive to this. I myself have not seen but at times a presence is very close. I too lost my Mom & Dad very close together and many times I feel one of them near me. I also lost my 1st husband (49 yrs. old)in 1999 and we had 3 kids. I often feel his spirit & his guidance when I have a decision to amke about one of the kids. I also have a keen sense when it comes to things that will happen. My family is sometimes awed by this but it ahs saved a few mishaps that would have happened had I not been aware of them going to happen.
• Canada
23 Jan 07
The idea of the afterlife and ghosts is so interesting isn't it. That's unbelievable that you can see your parents and you are extremely lucky. When you do see them is it like just a regular person, transparent. Sorry but I'm really curious because this fascinates me!