Who Created A B C D......?

January 23, 2007 11:32am CST
Strange question but i wonder who created A B C D and the other alphabets! Hats off to the person who discovered the english alphabets otherwise how can the world conversate...its surprising but Do you know who created/ discovered A B C D....?
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• Romania
23 Jan 07
The Fenicians first started using a new alphabet but was very different from what we use today.After then the greeks staring using the fenician alphabet but not exactly like theirs.There was fewer letters and finaly the romans modified the greek alphabet,and the roman alphabet was remained pretty much unchained.Of course i'm talking about the letters because the form of the words is chainging contunuosly.
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@niitesh (1656)
• India
25 Jan 07
it wasn't be ..............well why only English why not for hindi, nepali,german,hebrew,etc all thse language too has some alphabets of there own kind......
• Belgium
23 Jan 07
It evolved, it's not that someone suddenly said: here we got the alphabet and now we are going to form words! No way, it took thousands of years and your language taken back 100 years will be very very different, try and read some old lecture, you'll find out soon enough!