Which country or countries would you prefer to be the most powerful?

@chineryl (129)
Saudi Arabia
January 23, 2007 11:43am CST
I wished every country in the united nation was at the same status especially switzerland for writing all those conventions. Who do you think would do best in the job of regulating the rest? ^_^
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@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
23 Jan 07
In a perfect world there should not be a "dominating" country and as you said all countries should have the same status .. If all countries are democratic and fair to their citizens and all are represented equally at the UN then the "united nations" should be the dominating power in the world and no one country can regulate what is right and wrong and force their rules.
@chineryl (129)
• Saudi Arabia
25 Jan 07
You're right but there no guarantee that some countries won't join together and form a dominating influence on deciding right or wrong. Still looks alot better than my suggestion though so maybe people will find a way to make this perfect world exist.^_^