What Is The Future Of Computing?

January 23, 2007 4:14pm CST
As we all know the world of computers is evolving pretty fast and new technologies are coming out in large numbers today we are using dualcore and quadcore cpus and after 2-3 years we will see 4x4 cores aswell so my question to all my fellow computer geeks is where do you exactly see the world of computers after 10 years from now? What technologies do you expect will come out and what will go down? i have my own views on it but i would like to listen to you guys also.
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• United States
24 Jan 07
I see the future of computing as growing until we are totally reliant on the technology, then the creators of it can rule by default, and it's kind of scary that someday computers may control enough to "start the war" like in the Terminator movies. I do enjoy the technology, but I make a special effort to do things that DO NOT involve computers on a regular basis just to keep from becoming one of the "E-Sheep". I rarely buy online, limit my online gaming, and actually enjoy going to a store and "window shopping" instead of paging through websites. This is a case where a tool HAS taken control of the user, and I see more evidence to back up the reasoning every day. I was alive before computers were popular, and remember how to go out into the real world and fuction. Many younger people who grew up with computers do not, and that is sad.