best concert you have been to

January 23, 2007 4:47pm CST
for me QUEEN live at st james park, newcastle july 9th 1986 absolutely awesome indoor was OASIS at metro radio arena, newcastle
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• China
8 Jun 07
ask me a hard one beatles auckland town hall 1964, i grew up that night but will never grow old because i was there
25 Feb 07
Well the best concert recently was by a band called "Magic" a tribute band to Queen and ESL. But i have the DVDs of Queen live at wembly and even the DVDs make me feel like I'm there.
• Canada
6 Feb 07
I havent been to a lot of concerts but the best was Lady Sovereign and then Augustana
26 Jan 07
Without doubt when I went to see OASIS at the MILTON KEYNES BOWL in summer 2005. They are my favourite band, and their recently released "Don't Believe the Truth" was, in my view, the best album since Morning Glory. It was a day and a half! I went with a few mates and my sister. First we missed the coach and had to get a taxi half way there, then we couldn't find our way in. Eventually we got in and the sun was fantastic, the setting was great. We lazed about for a few hours while the Zutons and the 22-20's came on. When the band came on everyone went crazy, which was a little too much for my 5ft 2 inch size sister, so they had to crowd surf her out!! I said, that's my sister! So I went too! She almost fainted, so we went into St Johns ambulance section for a bit. She was fine though, so we mangaed to sneak into the front bit of the crowd, which most people had paid extra for! We got a great view, and enjoyed the rest of the night. Hey LYLA!!
• Belgium
26 Jan 07
Oasis offcourse! In Brussels, last year. Also My morning jacket last years tour. Brilliant concerts.
@jay80son (2049)
• Italy
24 Jan 07
Muse! The best live band!
@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
24 Jan 07
Definately Roger Waters (the lead singer of Pink Floyd) with Nick Mason this past summer. They played all of PInk Floyds best songs, the entire Dark Side of the Moon and it was awesome. They sounded amazing, they didn't sound 80 years old or anything. Terrible seats and it was $90 a ticket. Awesome though.