Being alone

United States
January 23, 2007 5:40pm CST
Is anyone on here scared of being alone for the rest of they're life? I know I'm only 20 years old but I'm scared I will be alone forever. It's just I work mon-thurs fridays I chill at home most of the times and then on the weekend I mostly hang out with people I already know so I dont get much of a chance to meet anybody. I constantly think about this and it really is one of my fears. What do you guys think and is there anyone who feels the same?
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@Jemina (5783)
27 Jan 07
Yes, I am very much afraid to remain single. However I am also afraid to get married yet. I have had relationships that almost ended in engagement but I always back out and end the relationship. I think I haven't found the right person.
• United States
29 Jan 07
I sometimes think I'm afraid of commitment but maybe it just hasnt been the right person
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
23 Jan 07
Being alone I guess you mean with no permanent partner, life can be ok as an independent woman, I look at my married friends and I know I wouldn't swap with any of them,you are only young you will have many chances come your way but don't ever make the mistake of taking on a partner just because you are afraid you will be alone, because if you do you may find the right one will come along and you will no longer be free to be with him....
• United States
24 Jan 07
Yeah I know sometimes it's great, but it'd be alot funner I'd think to have someone you could share everything with ya know. Thanks for the respose and the advice.
• United States
28 Jan 07
I used to feel that way I am 41 and am basicaly a shut in I suffer from agoraphobia afear of crowds and I also have a severe back problem that keeps me from going out but I met a nice man on line who evcepts my limitations and takes me places where there are no crowds and my physical limataions are not a problem.So do not give up hope you will find some one.
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