Does Anybody Have Any Idea About Mobile Phones?

@Darkwing (21588)
January 23, 2007 6:12pm CST
On Christmas Eve, I went to the local pub and took my phone, in the pocket of my bag. The hook under the counter was broken, so I stood my bag on the floor behind the footrest bar, and one of the youngsters, very drunk, accidentally knocked a pint of beer out of the person next to me's hand. It went over my bag, boots and skirt. It wasn't until I got home, that I realised my bag was so wet. I stood it near the radiator but still thought nothing of my phone being in there. On Christmas Day, I received one text message wishing me a Happy Christmas... then nothing, for about three days, when I received a message a day late. I tried to reply to this message but my phone showed "no network connection", so, I took the back off and cleaned the sim card and battery and tried again... still no network connection but messages were coming in. One of the youngsters in the pub told me to leave it a bit longer to let it dry out, but strangely, I didn't receive any messages for New Year, which is very unusual. Four days later, I received three messages which were sent on New Years Eve, so I attempted sending again... no network. Now, the phone seems to be holding up all incoming messages... no calls are coming through and I can't call or message out, although if I put my sim card in somebody else's phone, everything comes through and I can also send. Do you think I need to buy a new phone, as the sim card and battery are fine? Or, do you think I have a network setting problem on my own phone. It's connected to Orange, but I subscribe to O2, and I wondered if this might make a difference. Perhaps Orange withdrew their service? I'm not sure... can anybody help, pllllleeeeeeeeease?
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@katisaurus (1038)
• Canada
24 Jan 07
Mine was doing that too after I dropped it in water. I'd call your cell phone provider and talk to them. Although I think it may just be that the phone is wet on the inside or sticky or something, so it's not working properly. You might need to get a new phone. Of course there could just be something wrong with the service. Call someone and ask a technician.
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