Girls, if you do this to a guy, then what are your intentions?

January 23, 2007 8:02pm CST
When I make eye contact with a girl, how long am I supposed to hold it if I am interested? Also, how do I know if she'll want to talk to me after? Like, if we hold eye contact as we pass each other and smile what is that considered to be pretense for? Any other advice like what to possibly write to her on a note would be greatly appreciated, cause I'd like to get a move on a special case of this before Valentine's Day of course...... ;-)
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• Indonesia
24 Jan 07
You make it sounds so complicated, monsooner. I guess there is no certain rules as for how long you are suppose to hold the eye contact before you know she likes you. It's not like Deuce Begalow the movie (I hope you have seen this movie, though) where in this movie Deuce has been potray as a man who could understand all women. When you like this girl, just make your move. That move should have been the move that you feel very comfortable with. How she reacts to it, is another different story. So goodluck to you, I hope you could get her as your date on this coming valentine's day.