y love hs no importance. y its defenation is changed

@riia0033 (345)
October 7, 2006 10:14am CST
we says we love . after few days or months we says ,our love is cheatings us . we start to put blame on each other . then we r foward ........for smone else .... what is this . it is nt love here r many within few meetings they make physical relation . t& soon they fed up , want new , & breakup ..... is it love . no it is not .....
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@CRiTiC (188)
• Philippines
17 Oct 06
cause girls cant be trusted...
• United States
17 Oct 06
I feel people are not really in love. love is such a care free word these days. look back to when families stuck it out thru the ruffest of times. Now your finding 16 years olds screaming I love him. Soon as he shows signs of loving the girl next door he is a dog etc. true love will stand the test of time. Many who say they love mearly lust to darn hard. As long as love in unconditional I see a start.