Why do girls go talking about others?

January 23, 2007 9:17pm CST
i have heard from many of my friends, ( some of them are girls) that girls enjoy discussing others even if they dont have some sinister reason still they love to talk rot about others. also I find them to be too much dumb headed.. Why? is it only with me or you guys also feel the same way. Plz no advice I need a detailed view on the subject.
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• Philippines
24 Jan 07
They talked about others because of curiousity and envy!...Curiousity about the others of what they have and dont!...Envy because maybe they feel that they dont have the best for them!...Enve because they dont get whatever they want!....lolz
• India
24 Jan 07
Well why do they envy others? why are girls perpetually GREEN? do you know The green colour represent jealousy? Really girls are amazing aspect of research and I 'M LOVIN IT...