Our kitten just died....

@mogg20 (173)
January 23, 2007 11:34pm CST
Well kits has been paralyzed for a while (unable to move his hind legs) due to an accident around a month ago. He loves to play "fetch" inside our improvised garbage bin. (He'll grab some random trash in there and bring it to us.) Because of this we decided to put weights on the bin's lid to keep him from diving in there. Then one morning we woke up to find kits' neck squashed by the trash bin's lid. (with the metal weights still on it) We really thought he was dead then, since his whole body was already stiff. But somehow he managed to get up and move around using his front paws, and dragging the back end of his body along. We took him to the vets but were told that the damage on the kitten's neck was irreparable. It was sad to see him suffer in the weeks that followed. In a way I'm glad that his suffering finally ended. But I'm also sad since that kitten was especially attached to me... =(
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