Should Shahrukh Q.Q..Q...Quit?

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January 23, 2007 11:40pm CST
Its hard to say but can't leave without saying it should shahrukh quit KBC. Just Two days was enough to listen to his buk-buk and the nonsense monkey jumping from his chair, encouraging (haressing I mean)participants,his meserable efforts to play jokes and make viewers laugh, his unknowingly(?)done BIG B's imitations. Every time putting his wife in his lines, trying to bring the 'Tehjeeb' of Big B's in his action but fails. He is always in hurry, maybe he is paid more to close it up early. I am a shahrukh fan but the level KBC reached due to Amitabh's presence, his grip on language, the comfort level he offered to participants, lock kiya jaaye can never be replaced by 'freeze'. Shahrukh seems to have forgotten that what a PC freeze is
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