Adminstrative Staffing

@heesaf (741)
January 24, 2007 12:40am CST
Administrative functioning is the management to build an organization and run it. Administrative position has some authorization with different objective. The main role is to administrate the certain section and manage to escape form trouble. The position holder is responsible for any difficulty comes in. They manage the staff; refresh the rule and regulations in the particular department. As the representative of the whole organization they look after each department and fulfill the needs according to the requirements of the workplace. They have to give training to the staff, give them promotion and the appraisal of their performance. KoreOne provides IT Staffing Services and specializes in the temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire placement. KoreOne has administrative positions and relevant posts are Administrative Manager, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Executive, Receptionist -Administrative Assistant, Administrative Clerical, Administrative Office Assistant, and Administrative Computer Operator etc. Executive Administrative Assistant needs to support the President and CEO of the organization. There are several works cannot be done without computer skills. The basic computer and office automation tools are very much essential for the administrative positions. They need to know to work in MS Office applications and make power point presentations Word and Excel documents regularly. He should do computer support during meetings, coordinate interviews, travel arrangements and maintain staff calendar. The candidates for the posts in administrative staffing must have the following qualities. They need to work in a well organized and professional team. All organizations ask for a minimum experience. A stable work history is necessary and some organizations need them to pass criminal background check and drug test. Job opportunities in KoreOne are high because the administrative positions are highly recruited by most of the employers. KoreOne provides staffing are administrative manager, administrative assistant, Administrative executive, receptionist or administrative assistant, administrative clerical, administrative office assistant and administrative computer operator. KoreOne emphasis on the administrative staffing with following points: Paying highest attention on building a culture with the clients and human resources Reviewing the curriculum vitae of the candidates and determines their capabilities respect to the administrative jobs.
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